Tour Itineray

To those who like to surf at Panaitan island it is one ld heritage site)  this beautiful tropical island is rich wild life in great waves and clear blue water will take you far away from hustle and bustle of everything, A perfects destination for groups of surfer in search of waves far away from the madding crowds. Panaitan island, or Pulau Panaitan, is a large and clawshaped island-nature reserve that sits by itself in open seas about 10 kilometers northwest of the Ujung Kulon National Park and just off the southwest tip of West Java. Panaitan is a bonafide no-man's island, except for a few Indonesian forest rangers who patrol its shorelines and isolate its population of wild deer, tigers, panters, snakes and numerous other forms of rare and endangered wildlife.

Beyond thin strips of beach the island is home to very dense forest and thick primary jungles alive with many dangerous animals of the meat-eating variety. Hepatitis,malaria, jagged coral reefs, rocky cliffs and, yes, even well-developed sharks, are other factors which could make this island interesting in the wrong way. Be prepared with plenty of food, water, survival gear and whatever else you might need when you head for this place because Panaitan is one of those end-of-the-world places where there is literally nothing between you and thousands of mils of open sea.

Pussy PointGetting out there in the first place can be a serious hassle, given bad roads, haggling for a boat, and perhaps even puking your way across a heaving sea, but once you are in the confines of Panaitan's picture-perfect bay on its south side you will find yourself in a great Indonesia surfing heaven. You will also be very far away from crowds, civilization and the rest of the world. Creation in this bay by God are several primo surf spots, ranging from huge outer-bay cloudbreak bombies, one of the most perfect left point breaks in the world, and inner-bay reef breaks that peel aof the best surfing area in the world, It is one the most exciting safaris you have experience, about Panaitan island is located in the part of Ujung Kulon National Park (wor

nd fire like finely tuned machines. It's a beautiful place, an island of dreams, where you meet more dolphins than humans and where you really feel at one with the universe.

The surf :

One Palm Point : A long hollow left hand point that spin train like barrel up to 800m long

Napalm             : A less intense left hand break that also throw out great barrel

Apocalypse        : Indonesia's backdoor pipe, a top to bottom right hand barre

Illusion             : World class epic right reef  with a smooth take off, workable walls and barrel section

Indicator           : A fun workable right hander

Croc& roll         : A left that hass been described as little Padang - Padang (Bali) due to its. A deep channel separates croc & rolls right makes this set up simple.

Pussy's              : An easy  with fun workable walls breaking into deep water

The trip  :

We will pick you up at Jakarta air port or Jakarta city for meeting with our representative than transfer by comfortable car to Tanjung Lesung port take  4 hour than We board the boat  which take 4 hour by the sea and could feel how reach marine and jungle, as usually from early morning until afternoon you will surf and free surfing

Rhino wooden boat is 19 m long and 3 m wide and cruising of Tanjung lesung port 4 hour drive from Jakarta and only every time cruising from the pristine surf you will ever fine, She perfect for you to tell adventures and you are guaranteed be looked after.

All surfer are accompanied by an expert local guide also crew will help you until the trip

The Package includes

- Picked up/drop off from and to Jakarta
- Room  6 night at Ujung Kulons
- Slow wooden boat trip -  private charter boat.
- Guide tour Speaking English.
- Entry permit
- Meal (Breakfash, lunch and dinner)
- Mineral water, cold soft drink and snack.
- Snorkeling equipment.

The Package excludes :

- Alcohol beverage
- Personal expenses (Laundry, phone call etc)
- Tips & gratuities